Patchwork Pig

Salt, Lakes but no City….

So, after an eleventh change of plan (literally) we decided a weekend visit to Kendal was a more relaxing option over a visit to the big smoke, Afterall there are only so many times you can stare up Nelsons Column without contracting Torticollis.

The trip was mainly to escape the daily grind of the business however these jaunts often offer a good opportunity to check out the competition. These days I see myself as a bit of a giftware “connoisseur” by been able to ID a bath bomb from 50 strides, not great for street cred as it’s not cool for us blokes to take baths, allegedly.

So, after two days of staring at big puddles and learning that not every meal here is served with chips (to Nicola’s dismay) we’ve also quickly found out that giftware in Cumbria is bloody expensive.  Yes, it’s a tourist hotspot and yes you expect to pay a premium in a setup like Windermere but an 80hr candle will still only burn for the same 80hrs contrary to the belief that the air is thinner the further north you travel.

Anyway, I wasn’t on the hunt for a candle nor a bath bomb but I did pick up some Dead Sea bath salts from a delightful little boutique called Agnus and Cat over in Windermere. This was more of an impulse purchase than a research project but I’m curious of its health claims. I have no problem in admitting that like most folk I’m a sucker for getting “owt for nowt” so after convincing myself that the hard skin on the foot soles will drop off instantly and I would rise from the bath looking like a nipper it was no surprise that this stuff got to the till quicker than a baton in a men’s relay race.

The backbone of our business is difference and quality and even after many hours of sourcing new products we will not purchase anything that we are not entirely happy with. We want to our customers to be fully informed before they buy our products and not have to “try” or “take a risk” which we understand can be especially said when buying cosmetics or body treatments. The idea of these blogs is to give you some insight into how we find and test new products before we expect you to buy them.

Anyway, that’s enough of the small print, the goods new is that I have already taken a splash with this stuff so trials are well underway. The bad news, the hard skin on the soles still exists so the jury is still out!

To be continued….